About us

We are a business adviser that helps organisations navigate the market in Saudi Arabia and globally. We have a focus on quality and delivering insight.


Our advisory services are designed to help you achieve your goals. Successful growth often means navigating a complex array of opportunities, challenges and risks.

Audit and Assurance

We approach each audit with sharp thought, straight talk and common sense. In addition to verifying that financial results are fairly presented and meet applicable professional standards, we provide observations and insight into the real performance of your business.

Zakat and Tax

Zakat and tax services is a key part of our award-winning teams capabilities, we can offer a range of solutions, whatever the size of your business or the challenges you are facing.

Local insight

Saudi Vision 2030

We are delighted to support Saudi Arabia's vision for future, by enabling dynamic businesses to diversify and develop key industries in the Kingdom. Our local team are well versed with Saudi Vision 2030, along with the local and global opportunities this unlocks.

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Global insight

G20 and global access

We are a network of independent assurance, tax and advisory firms, made up of over 53,000 people in 135 countries. We've got scale, combined with local market understanding. That means we’re everywhere you are, as well as where you want to be. With Saudi Arabia being part of the G20, we also have representation across the other 19 countries.

Our global reach