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Corporate social responsibility

Growing Together in the community is Grant Thornton's commitment to community engagement.

Founded on six guiding principles, it advocates the impact each person can make by being passionately involved in their community. Many inspiring people from Grant Thornton across the globe are already providing innovative, generous and resourceful services to the communities they work and live in, see the videos below for examples of how our people are making a difference.


Grant Thornton member firms around the world supporting our local communities during our annual global CSR day: ‘Growing Together in the community.’

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Our CSR stories

Supporting sustainable change through education in Cambodia

‘It was a lightbulb moment where it seemed possible that I could help and get involved’ Scott Pardey, Grant Thornton Australia

Empowering young students with financial responsibility skills in the United States

‘Junior Achievement really prepares children to be successful in the future’ Art Flach, Grant Thornton LLP

Global partnership

This year we launched our partnership with The Global Fund for Children. The GFC seek out small, innovative, grassroots community based organisations and work with them to unlock their potential and achieve sustainability. Through our partnership the skills and experiences of our people are leveraged to provide their grantees with support around areas including finance, governance and HR.

In 2015, the CEO of Grant Thornton International Ltd, was appointed to the board of directors for The Global Fund.

Across Grant Thornton we are actively involved in the following areas:

  • education: helping communities and people to grow, develop and unlock their potential
  • healthcare: giving our time on initiatives important to our communities
  • helping communities and people to grow, develop and unlock their potential
  • collaborating with charities and NGOs to support people in poverty.


Grant Thornton is a founding partner of IMPACT2030 and in 2018 Peter Bodin, Grant Thornton International CEO, was named as its new chair of the board.

IMPACT2030 is a private sector led coalition which aims to direct the collective skills, experience and passion of corporate volunteers towards helping the United Nations achieve their Sustainable Development Goals.