Women in Business 2024

Pathways to Parity

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2024 marks the 20th year of Grant Thornton’s work to monitor and measure the proportion of women occupying senior management roles in mid-market companies worldwide.

The Women in Business project has explored what helps and hinders women in the workplace during a period that has offered plenty of challenges. Global mid-market companies have navigated the financial crisis of 2007-08, worked through the pandemic, and currently contend with the impact of geopolitical tension and conflict. 

The global economy continues to shift, and mid-market organisations are under more pressure than ever to adapt. Faced with such changes, we must maintain focus: the challenge of getting women into senior management is as urgent as it has ever been. Many mid-market businesses have responded to this imperative, and improvements have occurred. We must ensure this momentum continues and accelerates.

In Saudi Arabia (KSA), the landscape for women in business has seen significant transformations in recent years. With Vision 2030, the Kingdom embarked on a journey to diversify its economy and empower its workforce, including women. As part of these efforts, various initiatives have been introduced to encourage female participation in the workforce and facilitate their advancement into senior management roles.

One notable aspect is the increased accessibility of education and professional development opportunities. The government has invested in educational initiatives, leading to a growing pool of talented and qualified female professionals across various industries.

Despite these advancements, challenges remain. Cultural and societal expectations, as well as lingering gender biases, can still present obstacles to women aiming for senior management roles. Additionally, while progress has been made, work must be done to create inclusive workplace cultures and address systemic barriers that may hinder women's advancement.

In navigating these challenges, mid-market companies must prioritise efforts to promote gender diversity and inclusion within their organisations.