Helping you to grow at each stage of the business lifecycle.

The environment which businesses operate in is increasingly complex, therefore managing business growth, planning for the future and staying competitive is critical. These are all issues which we can help address. At Grant Thornton Saudi Arabia, we offer an approach that is tailor-made to dynamic businesses like yours.

We have designed and developed growth services to support your business at each phase of its growth. With Saudi Vision 2030 and increased diversification within the Kingdom, the opportunities to drive the strategic growth agenda continue to increase.

So whether you are an SME that has just set up or a large business wishing to expand, at Grant Thornton we will help you unlock your potential for growth.

Our solutions

Strategy services

Dynamic organisations often reach a point in their growth journey where the strategic vision requires a reassessment and where applicable realignment. In order to support our clients growth we offer strategic services which include:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Business unit strategy
  • Market entry strategy
  • Innovation strategy
  • Business Consulting

Our professional teams work with the leaders of the business in order to understand their strategic objectives before building workable and sustainable solutions which create impact, whilst supporting a business to achieve an exceptional performance and above average return on equity.

Operational excellence

The global economic environment is cyclical, therefore it is essential for organisations to ensure they remain competitive, effective and efficient. The team at Grant Thornton Saudi Arabia offer operational excellence solutions which allow your business to remain competitive. Our services include:

  • Business Processes Improvement
  • Enterprise Cost Reduction
  • Program and Project Portfolio Management
  • Target Operating Model Development

Business intelligence and analytics

Business intelligence (BI) focuses on information access to data is critical, but its management, integration across systems and functions, and alignment with business strategy are key elements in enabling timely business decisions that respond to market conditions and improve operations. We offer:

  • Foundation analytics
  • Pre-built analytics
  • Governance and integration
  • Information discovery

Technology advisory and implementation

Technology infrastructure is one of the most imperative elements in an ever-changing environment and for a fast paced growth oriented business. At Grant Thornton Saudi Arabia we work with dynamic clients every day, supporting them in building, sustaining and growing their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.


We recognise that senior management teams are under constant time pressures; however the accounting and finance needs of a business cannot be put on hold, given how imperative it is for business continuity and growth. Our Outsourcing team offer a comprehensive book-keeping and payroll services.

Talk to us

To find out how the team can help you manage successful growth deals, contact Imad Adileh our growth services leader.