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Rethinking Resilience in Recovery

Rethinking Resilience in Recovery

The launch of Grant Thornton’s new index into the health of midsized companies comes at the most difficult time in a generation for these companies.

Our H1 2020 Global business pulse finds that the index has plunged by 12.8 points to a score of minus 9.4. This is the first time in a decade of comparable results that the index has turned negative and reflects the blow that Coronavirus has delivered to business outlooks and operating environments, not to mention human lives. The index results for every region, every sector (bar one) and 26 of the 29 monitored countries also come out negative in H1 2020. The impact has been wide but maybe not as deep as anticipated.

For reference, a score of +100 would represent perfect health with no restrictions and an ideal outlook, and the likelihood of high growth in the future. A score of -100 would represent dire health, with crushing restrictions and an appalling outlook, and the likelihood of decline in the future. The index score of -9.4 shows the significant impact of the pandemic and is by any measure bad. However, the depth of the fall might have been a lot worse given the circumstances.

We share insights from the global research, along with sharing insights relating to the corrective actions taken across Saudi Arabia, which has supported the mid-market

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