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Refuel Growth - Opening Address

Refuel Growth - Opening Address

As we all know, the world is currently navigating one of its greatest economic and social challenges propelled by the global pandemic.

In an era of unparalleled change, the powerhouse of the G20 have an opportunity to transform the global trading landscape, which must be done in parallel to addressing the healthcare, economic, and social impacts of the pandemic.

During the Presidency of the G20, the leadership of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in2020 has focused its efforts to build a stronger, more resilient, and sustainable world, under the guardianship of its primary goal of "Realizing Opportunities of the 21st Century For All," which includes themes such as: empowering people, safeguarding the planet, and shaping new frontiers, all of which are ever-more prevalent and essential in the world we live in today.

That said, as business leaders, we too have a responsibility and opportunity to realise prospects for the new world in which we live in, which will require us all to rise to the challenge together.

Prior to the pandemic, commonly the trend to change management involved numerous debates, consultations, and deliberation, placing strategy, finance, technology, and people into the equilibrium of such change. Our collective reaction to the pandemic was one of continuity activation, which needed adaptions to refine for the unforeseen current scenarios which businesses were facing, along with quick investment and retuning of technology systems in order to enable employees to work remotely, whilst remaining connected to clients.

The quick responsive measures which took place provided many proof-points and confidence for leaders in respect of agile change management and swift strategy and process realignment. This sentiment of agility and ongoing evolution of strategy and process will remain central for businesses to pivot beyond their current position and hence it is important for leaders to adapt their style, philosophy, and ethos to the new world which we are living in.

Whilst considering the changes needed, there are 4 change agents which most of our clients and wider B to B industry leaders have told us are a focus for them.

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