Retune your business Access to Finance
In the immediate aftermath of COVID-19, businesses looked to improve their cash flow management and focus on day-to-day survival, leaning heavily on government
Retune your business Client and Customer Behaviour
The global pandemic combined with economic uncertainty is changing the way people consume products and services – possibly forever. Businesses will become
Retune your business Competitive Market Dynamics
The COVID-19 pandemic presents extreme challenges to businesses and the competitive landscape will be a hot bed of innovation, quick pivots, divestments and
Retune your business Local Regulations
Regulatory changes can be challenging at the best of times but with many businesses focused on day-to-day survival, recent rule changes have proved
Retune your business Operational Agility
The mid-market already had a reputation for agility but the COVID crisis has forced leaders to take an even closer look at how their operations can be more
Retune your business People and Skills
Lockdowns and remote working have blurred the lines between business and professional lives and brought to the fore the physical and mental wellbeing of
Retune your business Technology and Risk
Technology played a critical role in mitigating the impact of the virus. Whether helping employees to perform their jobs or providing a platform for fulfilling
Retune your business Risk and Governance
The global pandemic has provided an enormous shock to businesses and, for many in the mid-market, fundamentally tested their ability to deal with crisis and
Retune your business Retune your business
COVID-19 is continuing to challenge the business landscape like no other event before it. Many in the mid-market are now fully focused on building greater